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Thursday, October 24, 2002
The Boston Globe covers the Harvard divestiture story. Five professors who signed the anti-Israel divestiture petition all got together and agreed with themselves that, yes indeed, they were right all along. Most of the audience disagreed.

The reporting was actually more balanced than the usual Globe article, which could have taught its parent company, the New York Times, some new tricks about biased reporting. Some of the facts presented were soft-pedaled, so let me stress what they did not:

  >  > The audience did not shout down the speakers, as is the custom with leftist and pro-Palestinian audiences. They let the speakers finish and then asked questions. There were some boos and catcalls.

  >  > The article mentions 74 signatures at Harvard and 56 at MIT (Noam Chomsky must have signed a dozen times himself) in favor of divestiture and states that the petition drive is gaining momentum. As an aside, it mentions that there are "several hundred" signatures at these schools on petitions against divestiture. It sounds like the force of friction is gradually reducing the momentum. Maybe it's rubbing against reality.

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