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Saturday, October 19, 2002
In re-reading the last post, I saw that I might have misled you about the materialist thing. It's not me.

About a month ago, the parents' meeting for the swim team had to get canceled because the library room we had booked was going to be used the same day by the World Church of the Creator, which like the Holy Roman Empire or Meals Ready to Eat (US military field rations), comprises three distinct lies -- it's a US neo-Nazi organization that certainly has nothing to do with the God of Jesus, Moses or Abraham (Jews all three). The library advised us to cancel because there might be trouble, and there was (see the local newspaper article in the Wakefield Daily Item). I went down to see the freaks and found two sets of them, since the street was occupied by the Progressive Labor Party chanting "Death, death, death to the Fascists." Very enlightening. Naturally, I started looking around for a brick, figuring this was a target-rich environment, but there were approximately 250 police there keeping things from getting even uglier, so I settled down to watch the show. I noticed that the Communists tended to affect Lenin-style goatees rather than the Stalin soup-strainer, no doubt because Lenin got better press. The Nazis tended to be clean-shaven except for their eyebrows, but I noticed again that white supremacists don't present very convincing examples -- these looked like cleaned-up hicks and sounded like dull normals, at best. If these losers are the master race, I'm going to the courthouse to have my species legally changed.

There was some pantomime violence, someone whacked someone else with a stick from a protest sign and a half dozen jerks were arrested for other infractions, nothing that would get you a game misconduct penalty in a hockey game. We locals got to watch the 1930's being reenacted right here at home. Spanish Civil War reenacters -- whodathunkit?

So anyway, the next week a local woman wrote in to the Daily Item celebrating the glorious victory over Fascism, and recommending that the heroes of the class struggle arrested for such thrilling deeds as sucker-punching another fool in Dunkin Donuts should be set free by a grateful populace. She is the materialist I was referring to. Sorry for the confusion.

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