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Tuesday, October 22, 2002
Mark Steyn follows the continuing saga of Barbra Streisand's gallant battle with the English language and foreign policy.

Maybe it's just me, but why does anyone care about Barbra Streisand's views on foreign policy? Does anyone out there think she has any expertise in this area? If she is being heavily recruited by the Kennedy School of Government, or in line for an ambassador posting or State Department policy post, it's news to me.

Perhaps we're overlooking a great intellectual resource here. If she has solved the Middle East problem, maybe it's time for her to move on to other things. I hear that Europe is devoting more resources to nanotechnology, with a view toward overtaking the US. Hah! We'll trump their ace by putting Barbra's special powers to work on this, and soon we'll be exporting our cheap and abundant buckyballs, nanotubes, and artificial spider silk.

And I would dearly love to hear her review of the proof of Fermat's last theorem -- does the proof stand up? Inquiring minds want to know!

Alternative theory: Ms. Streisand has more money than brains, making her a member of a key constituency of the Democratic Party in California. When a fool with money calls, Mr. "Gebhart" picks up the phone. Or the fax. What colors go through the fax machine best? Ms. Streisand is clearly missing a couple of colors from her set of Crayolas.

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