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Wednesday, November 06, 2002
Whee, I got Blogrolling going! I put in some of the blogs that I had on yellow stickies, and will start transferring others from my links soon. Big bloggers will have their own lists. I also cloned the blog template in "regular" HTML and will use that as an annex with a different host.

Regarding the election results:

I forget who in the last administration it was, but when he got caught in some fundraising indiscretion, he solemnly averred that he had no regrets over what he had done, because it was done to prevent the right-wing takeover of Congress. In other words, he was saying and may have believed that his noble ends justified his sordid means. My sympathies are with the Republicans, for the most part, but please, winners and losers alike, bear in mind that what this man was trying to prevent was the orderly rotation of power following a regular election. This is our most precious national inheritance, and it goes all the way back to Washington's refusal of a crown. Win or lose, this is far more important than who controls what at one time or another. Remember, in most of the world, people leave power feet first.

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