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Wednesday, January 15, 2003
Adventures in hardware continue. I had a queasy feeling when the motherboard package proclaimed that it was for Win98, ME, XP, & 2000 ONLY, as though this was something to be proud of. Go figure. I had no idea why a motherboard would support only the later Windows stuff and not Linux. Well, here's why: There is no parallel, serial, or PS2 port on the god-damned thing! There is a welter of USB ports in both 1.1 and 2.0 flavors, and that's what I guess I'm supposed to use. Last I checked, USB support is sketchy under Linux. Linux tends to support each device individually, not the whole USB regimen. Also, it is so far impossible to find a backwards USB adapter that would let me hook up my "legacy" devices. These things are not that old, but it looks like hardware has a generational cycle shorter than that of fruit flies. Plus it seems to be allergic to my GEForce 4 video card, which is about as new as you can get. Maybe it's too new for the motherboard, just as the other stuff is too old. Now please excuse me while I go throw a tantrum.
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