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Monday, January 27, 2003
Sigh. The new motherboard is dead. No video with 3 different graphics cards (2 AGP, 1 PCI), 2 different monitors/cables. Return is in process. Dude, next time you're getting a Dell.

Nothing new on the job front, although a couple of very desirable companies have sniffed at my resume on since I put it out on Friday. Let's hope something good comes of it.

Meanwhile, with the distraction of the Superbowl out of the way, we can all go back to thinking about the coming war with Iraq. The Washington Post reminds us that there are about 50,000 Iraqis who have entered the US since roughly the time of the Gulf War, and about 3,000 are here illegally and nowhere to be found. Saddam's son Udai, in a television interview last week, made threats that hinted he may know something about at least a few of these, and what they intend. Whatever it may be, he bragged that it would exceed 9/11. If the Iraqis decide to inflict civilian casualties on the US during their regime's death spasms, it is difficult to see how the US would avenge this against Iraq, where the majority would be only too glad to see Saddam and his supporters dead, a desire which I expect the US to have no trouble satisfying. The worst case for all of us is that another atrocity would awaken a thirst for vengeance in the US that killing Saddam would not slake. Bad things could happen then.

My father served in the Army Air Corps in China and India. The Japanese sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, their atrocities in China and the Philippines, their brutalization of POWs (downed fliers were usually killed immediately, although a few were kept and starved), and their disregard of the conventions of war led to a different kind of war than was fought in Europe, where the full extent of Nazi atrocities was known later. With Saddam gone, the last thing his supporters, apologists, and enablers (Saudi Arabia, France, Palestinians, jihadis, et al.) want to see is the US furious, armed, and looking for something else to wreck.

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