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Tuesday, January 07, 2003
Well, that was exciting. I shouldn't have spoken about smoke in my last post, because I nearly succeeded in setting fire to the computer. If you are interested in replicating this feat, here's how. All you need to do is mount the floppy drive and then connect the power cable. The standard connector for a floppy is not a real obvious looking thing, and if you can't see what you're doing and are working by feeling around, you can stick it on just 3 of the 4 contacts. The outer 2 contacts, the black wires, are grounds. The other 2 are live current. These are supposed to be kept separate and distinct, but if you follow my example, you will see the wires start to smoke, melt, spark, and eventually flame. It's really a sight worth seeing, as long as someone else is supplying the hardware. I suspect from my inablity to get Win95, NT, or Linux installed without the damned thing ab-ending in the setup program that the motherboard was a loss before I did this, but I sure didn't help matters. A new motherboard is on the way, with an up to date CPU. They don't make Slot A boards anymore, I gather.
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