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Thursday, February 27, 2003
Under US law, you cannot declare personal bankruptcy for 7 years after last doing so. The Left, it seems, declares moral bankruptcy every day. Michele at A Small Victory catches them at it. The upshot is that some Iraqi exiles begged to differ at an anti-war rally. Their point was that the killing has already started, war or no war; the only difference is that war is the only hope of ending the killing. They were, of course, refused permission to speak, and their signs, leaflets, and massacre photos were confiscated. Since the main moral objection to war is the suffering of the Iraqi people, one would expect that they might have something to say about it. This is nothing new for the Left. The Chinese lao gai is full of people who tried to organize independent labor unions. Why should the oppressed be permitted to speak for themselves when the Leading Party can do it for them? Read the comments from Jane, who is really not as clueless as her post makes her out to be.

It is not enough that the opposing arguments are silly. To see a cogent moral argument for liberating Iraq, see
One Hand Clapping. He puts it into the American tradition of the moral fight, as embodied by the Northern side in the Civil War. It is well and closely reasoned, and beautifully written. And besides, if a former career Army officer and ordained minister is not worth listening to on the just war doctrine, I defy you to find someone better qualified.
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