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Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Here is one that is not worth translating: L'éditorial du Monde: Victimes civiles

It purports to describe the tragic incident where US soldiers fired upon a van that attempted to speed through a roadblock. Le Monde's supposed source was this article in the Washington Post. Note that while le Monde states there were no warning shots, the Post article states that there was first a warning shot, which may have been too late, then a round fired into the radiator, before the soldiers opened fire. The le Monde article also states that there were no warning signs posted, which was true at the time, but neglects to mention that the soldiers had motioned the van to stop. Based on information received from local residents, Fox News reported today that the women and children were forced into the van by Saddam's irregulars, and the driver was told that her family would be massacred if she stopped for the roadblock. Don't expect a correction from le Monde. It is sad to see that in their sympathy for the Saddam regime, this newspaper has adopted the standards of the Iraqi information ministry.

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