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Friday, September 12, 2003
I just vent about my business ...

I just posted a llllooooonnnggggg article on my business site about the developing mutual fund scandal. What it amounts to is another way the little investor can get screwed, without even getting a dinner before or flowers afterwards. To save you some time and trouble, most of it is explanations of what was done and how. The part that interests me, though, is that the SEC has not yet been heard from, and they have some heavy ordnance they can bring to bear on the malefactors that NYAG Spitzer cannot.

Update 9/14/03, 10:15 AM EST -- the SEC has required about 80 mutual fund complexes to provide internal reports, letters, e-mails and other documents to federal regulators by tomorrow, Monday. The request was made Friday. This should be a very busy weekend.

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