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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Local Interest
H. Paul Rico, formerly famous as the FBI agent who broke up the Angiulo and Patriarcha organized crime families in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, has seen the luster of his star dimming. It turned out that the Boston FBI office had sent innocent men to prison for murders committed by FBI informants. Now he has been arrested for his involvement in a 1981 murder, allegedly committed to help the Bulger gang (full time bad guys and part time FBI assets) continue skimming from the victim's jai alai fronton, where Rico was head of security. Note that he was arrested on a warrant from Oklahoma, where the murder was committed, not on a federal warrant. The FBI has not been especially successful in unearthing the wrongdoing of its employees. Most of the heavy lifting -- including exhumations -- has been done by state authorities.
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