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Friday, October 17, 2003
More Local Interest
On the Boston area's obsessions:

  • Did you know that Derek Jeter's full name is Derek Sanderson Jeter? That's right, folks. The shortstop you love to hate was named after one of the best players ever to lace up for the Boston Bruins.

  • The ALCS was a beauty, despite the results. The two teams were well-matched, and both looked like they belonged there in terms of starters, hitting, and relief pitching. The brawling was another matter -- save that for the hockey game (see above).

  • Whitey Bulger has been indicted in Oklahoma on murder charges. Word is that the Oklahoma prosecutors are considering asking the US Marshalls' Office to take charge of finding the fugitive. The head of the Boston FBI office reportedly takes this as a slight, since his agents have been looking for their favorite snitch since 1995 and he feels they are getting pretty good at it.

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